Drop Tarps

Drop Tarps

Tri-County Tarp can custom make any size drop tarp in nearly any color. Call, email, or fax our knowledgeable sales staff for a Free Quote today!

Our drop tarps are used to cover Steel, Lumber, Machinery, etc.

Standard Features on a Tri-County Tarp Drop Tarp:

  • 18oz material or lightweight option
  • Your choice of color (no additional charge)
  • Multiple colors in tarp (see below for tarp color swatches)
  • Name stenciling under 18 letters (no extra charge)

* Drop = A drop is a row of either grommets or webbing with metal dee-rings sewn onto the tarp.
** Lightweight option = the lightweight option involves making the center (top) of the tarp out of 18oz material, and the sides out of either 10oz or 14oz material. The 18oz material on top gives you strength and durability while the 10oz or 14oz on the sides will decrease the weight of the tarp.

Extra Options:

  • Extra Rows (Drops): You may add extra rows wherever needed. You decide how far apart they should be spaced.
  • End Flaps: Single Flap or 3 Piece Flap- One end or both ends.
  • Boxed Nose
  • Upgrade to Dee Rings
  • Your name on the tarp–Free! (Must be under 18 letters)
    (Stencils over 18 letters are available with additional charge)