Flip or Pull Systems

Flip or Pull Systems

We offer a large variety of Flip Systems and Pull Systems from Donovan Enterprises and Cramaro. Systems are available in either aluminum or steel. Also available in Manual or Electric Systems. We can install most systems or we can ship them directly to your door for convenience!!

Donovan™ 2000 Series: 2000SR

Donovan™ 2000SR Spring Loaded Style System fits up to a 26 Ft bed.

  • Tarp Spool with Side Plates
  • Adjustable Width Steel Housing
  • Aluminum Pull Bar
  • Armless Spring Return
  • Adjustable-Width Roller Bar
  • External Spring Tension Adjustment

Donovan™ 5000 Series: 5000GL, 5000ELUD

Steel Arm Systems are available in six different models. Choose the model that best suits your needs. Choose from either a side extension spring or the underbody extension spring. Also, choose from a ground level crank or the fully automatic direct drive motor.

Fits: Up to an 18′ Bed

Bullet™ Series

The Bullet Series has a side flat torsion spring and a direct drive motor.

  • Extruded Aluminum Roller Bar with Side Plates
  • Polished Aluminum 2-Piece Adjustable Pivot Arms
  • Durabuilt™ Motor
  • Rotary Switch

The Trailer Bullet Fits: Trucks up to 38′

(Available in 30 Degree Arm for 23 Ft Trailer)

Additional Information

Standard Features of a Bullet System:

  • Electric or Manual Crank
  • Rotary Switch or Rocker with Solenoid
  • Straight or 30 Degree bend arms
  • Covers up to 23 ft Trailers

SRG Arms: Steel arms, available in either manual or electric.

Fits: Up to a 20′ Bed

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DuraPull™ System

The DuraPull™ Tarp System can be Easily installed or we can install it for you! Easily pull the Rope and Hook the Tarp to the rear of the Box to cover your load. Uncovering your load can be easier when using the spring-loaded Tarp Spool. It automatically retracts the Tarp as the operator slowly releases the rope until the Tarp is fully underneath the Tarp Housing.


  • Galvanized Steel Tarp Housing
  • Spring-Loaded Tarp Stool
  • Tension Ratchet
  • Tarp Removal/Replacement
  • Tarp Guides
  • Mounting System
  • Tarp Spool Removal/Maintenance

Cable-Lok™ System

The Cable-Lok™ is pairs Great with Belly Dumps. We also carry a variety of Options on Caps, Tarp Stops, and Bow Supports.


  • Galvanized Bows/Brackets
  • Easy-Off Tarp Stops
  • Galvanized End Caps
  • Long Crank Arm w/Reinforced Flexible Hose Assembly
  • J-Hook Retainer with 7” Standoff – Traditional-Style Retainer
  • Aluminum Roll Tube w/Channeled Tarp Attachment
  • Galvanized Fixed Tube
  • Spool with Galvanized Cable and Zinc-Plated Ratchet
  • Adjustable Tension
  • 22oz. Vinyl Tarp
  • Electric Options are Available

Arm-Matic™ System

For uses on Dump Trucks to End Dumps, the Arm-Matic™ System is an Easy to use System and can Easily be installed at Tri-County Tarp!


Eliminates Joint Weakness
Finer Tension Adjustment
Gatorshield® Touch
Increased Corrosion Resistance
Fast and Easy Tarp Installation
Remote Options Available