Coil Bags & Coil Tubes

Coil Bags

Coil Bags

Our Coil Bags are made out of 18oz material. Custom sizes are available to fit any size coil necessary. A coil bag must have a fitted front and rear with grommets along the bottom and dee rings along the side, front, and rear of the bag. There are slits on all the corners for your chains to slide through.

Coil Tubes

A Coil Tube is much like a coil bag, only more versatile. It is fitted in the front just like a coil bag, but the rear of the tarp is Extended much longer so that you can use as little, or as much of the material as You Need. Coil tubes are fitted on one end only. Furthermore, our Coil Tubes are made to fit almost any size coil and can be custom made to fit your materials. There are also slits located on the front corners for your chains to slide though easily.


When ordering Coil Bags or Coil Tubes please give us the desired Length (A), Width (B), and Center Height (C).

Options Available:

  • Choice of color (refer to Shelter-Rite Color Swatch)
  • Your name on the tarp (no additional charge under 18 letters)
  • Location and spacing of dee rings.