Vango Sliding Tarp System

Tri-County Tarp LLC is now an

Authorized Partner selling the

Vango 21 Sliding Tarp System!

About the Vango

The Vango System is a panelized tarpaulin system, saving time and money when repairs are needed. The Vango System is also “seamless”, giving it a unique style unlike other sliding systems you will see. The Vango System is extruded from 6061 aircraft quality aluminum, even the carriages are aluminum! The entire system weighs less than 2,000 pounds on a 48′ trailer and also will compact into an 8′ space.

Front Locking

The front locking device is conveniently located on the front of the bulkhead. The operator can easily lock the system without having to climb onto the trailer.

Rear Tensioning

The rear tensioning arms are safe, simple and fast. The operator uses a winch bar to tighten/loosen the system from the ground. This system can safely be opened and closed without having to climb onto the trailer. Ratchet and post tensioning style is also available!

Rear Loading

The roll up tail on the Vango System can be “set” on top of the roof so that it is completely out of the way for rear loading.


Standard heights for the Vango System are 7’3″ and 8’1″, however it can be customized to any height. Available colors are: Black, Blue, Green, Gray and Red. You also have the choice of the standard smooth aluminum bulkhead or a diamond treat plate bulkhead. The Vango System can be installed on flatbeds, goosenecks and drop deck trailers!

DOT Approved Bulkhead

This is an important safety component of the Vango System!

DOT approved, CFR Title 49 DOT 393.106 total load tested 61,560 pounds.


There is up to a 7 year pro-rated warranty on the fabric for ultraviolet deterioration to the original owner.