Road Runner Tarp System

RoadRunner Sliding Tarp System

RoadRunner Sliding Tarp System


Tri-County Tarp’s Road Runner Sliding Tarp System is a Convenient Tarp System that has All of the Ease and Versatility of a flat bed trailer with the look of a van trailer.

We manufacture the Road Runner System at Our facility from the ground up. This ensures a Quality product and a Perfect fit.

Our Road Runner Sliding Tarp System is constructed of a Sturdy Aluminum Frame, which sits on Aluminum Carriers and the Roller System. This allows the driver to Single Handedly slide the Tarp System forward and reveal the flatbed for easy loading, then slide it back over the load to cover the bed, all with Very Little Effort.

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RoadRunner systemOur Road Runner Sliding Tarp System has a Flat Top:

  • 8’2″ Inside Height Maximum

Standard Features on the Road Runner Sliding Tarp System:

  • A Skylight Roof
  • Front Quick Release Industrial Ratchets
  • Roll-Up Door in Rear
  • Choice of either Smooth Aluminum or Tread-Brite® Aluminum Bulkhead
  • Easy to Clean, 19.5oz Acrylic Coated Vinyl Material
  • Rear ACME® Threaded Locking System
  • Access door in Bulkhead
  • Installation Included!

roadrunner skylightWe build our RoadRunner Sliding Tarp System with a white vinyl so it allows natural light inside the trailer system so little or no additional lighting is necessary.

Front Quick Release SystemYou will be able to quickly and easily attach and detach from the front of the RoadRunner from the bulkhead with four industrial ratchets.

Roadrunner rolled up doorThe back end of the RoadRunner Sliding Tarp System comes equipped with a sliding door system. This provides easy loading and unloading much like the traditional trailer with Velcro sides.

Roadrunner bulkheadThe front end of the RoadRunner is unique to Tri-County Tarp. You have the option of using either smooth aluminum or Tread-Brite® aluminum on the bulkhead. As pictured is the Tread-Brite® bulkhead with a fabricated locking door, which can be accessible from both the inside and the outside of the trailer.

Roadrunner rear locking systemWe use an ACME Power Point Locking System®. This system tightens and secures the RoadRunner Sliding Tarp System to ensure a safe haul.