Side Kit Tarps

Side Kit Tarps

Side Kit Tarps are Custom Fitted to Your Trailer. Please see the Side Kit Tarp Order Form for Specification Requirements that are needed in order to manufacture Your Side Kit Tarp.

Standard Features on a Tri-County Tarp Side Kit Tarp:

  • High Quality 18oz USA Nylon or Poly Material
  • Ropes and Tarp Straps with Your Choice of Setup
  • Wind Straps
  • Your Choice of Color
  • Brass Grommets
  • Reinforced Front & Rear Corners
  • Web and Dee Rings with Grommets (One or Other Optional)
  • Name Stenciling (No Additional Charge Under 18 Letters)

Options for a Low Additional Cost:

  • Reinforcements Down Both Sides the Entire Length of the Tarp
  • Reinforced Completed Nose
  • Reinforced Completed Tail
  • Skylight

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Skylight Tarp Option

For a Low Additional cost, you can include a Skylight to Your Tarp to provide More natural light for Easier unloading!

Select from 3 of our Tri-County Tarp Options for a Custom fitted Tarp to fit Your Trailers needs! Ensure the Best Fit and Longest Life!

Plain Grommets

Plain Grommets are standard to each of our Tri-County Tarps.

Webbing with Dee Rings

Plain Grommets are standard to each of our Tri-County Tarps.

Webs/Dee Rings with Grommets

Metal Dee Rings are aligned directly over the Grommets.

Fitted Tail

Fitted Tail— The Tail is sewn together down both sides and along the bottom of the tail.

Old Style Fitted Tail

Old Style Fitted Tail— The Tail has Two small Flaps on each side of the Tarp that connects together and the larger Flap hangs over the smaller ones to provide Maximum Protection.

Wrapped Tail

Wrap Tail—Tail is Oversized for Wrapping, Tucking, and Folding around the back end of the Truck.