Side Kit Accessories

Side Kit Accessories

Tri-County Tarp offers a wide variety of side kit accessories!

Select from one of our many tailgate options and upgrades.

Tee Stake

At Tri-County Tarp, our stake stops reduce the wear on your trailer decks.

Stake Stops are generally required for ALL aluminum trailers.

PVC for Bows

PVC on Bows allows the tarp to slide easier across the bow when pulling it from one side to the other. PVC on Bows also reduces splatter when dumping materials on top of bows.

Grain Stakes with Stop

At Tri-County Tarp, our intermediate stakes with a flat surface on the back, rather than a Tee, so they can be placed in the center of a board for extra support.


Our bows are made from 7/8″ solid aluminum. Bows can be bent to any rise between 0″ (Flat Bows), up to a 36″ Rise Bow.

Under Pocket Stops

Enclosed Trailer

Tri-County Tarp can enclose your entire trailer covering the Side Kit and all!

Stainless Steel

Barn Style Doors

Grain Gates

Breakaway Gate

Upgrade to our Electric Rolling Tarp System!

Electric Roll Tarps can be added to any of your trailers sidekits.
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