Modified Roll System

Modified Roll System

modified roll system

The Modified Roll System at Tri-County Tarp is a cost effective alternative to other roll systems such as Shurlock Style or Conventional Roll Tarps. There are no end caps, and the tarp extends over the front and rear, and it all rolls together. The tarp is held down by the tarp straps on the front, rear, and rolling sides.

Modified Roll Systems can be made to fit nearly kind of application; Roll-Off Boxes, Dump Trailers, Hopper Trailers, Gravity Wagons, etc.

All of our parts come custom fitted to your trailer and on most applications no modifications to the parts are necessary. The Modified Roll System comes ready to install, or we can install it for you!

We use 22oz USA material on our roll tarps to ensure the longest lasting tarp available.

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Modified Roll System:

  • 7/8″ Solid Aluminum Bows and Bow Pockets
  • 22oz Heavy Duty Modified Tarp
  • Roll Pipe with Gudgeon
  • Roll-Off Tarp Caddies
  • Standard Crank
  • Ratchets and Webs on Rolling Side
  • Turning Point (Swing) Bows
  • Permanent Pipe on Stationary Side
  • Quick Release Tarp Caddies
  • Ridge Straps
  • Flex Bows
  • Reinforce the Tarp over Bows