Front-To-Back Cable Systems

Front-To-Back Cable Systems

Front-to-Back Cable Systems offer a convenient and quick way to tarp your load. The tarp slides to the front of the trailer taking the bows with it to allow for easy loading, then slides back in place covering the load.

Front-to-Back Cable Systems are available in manual or electric styles.

The tarp can be either 18oz vinyl, 22oz vinyl, or mesh per your request.

We recommend that your Front-to-Back Cable Systems are professionally installed by our experienced employees.

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Components of a TCT Cable System include:

  • Two 4-inch Hold Downs
  • Two 6-inch Hold Downs
  • Four Anchors
  • One Front Shaft
  • Two Front Pulleys
  • Three Pillow Block Bearings
  • Crank Assembly
  • One 42-Tooth Sprocket
  • Two Standard Rear Pulleys (One Left, One Right)
  • Eight Cable ClampsCable Wire
  • Poly Strip
  • One Flat Bow
  • One Tarp with 100% USA Made Fake Tail
  • Two Bow Pockets
  • Steel Cable Bows
  • One Cable Tarp (Available in either Mesh or Vinyl) One Rear Diaper

Several Back Flap/Tail options are available to accommodate the many different styles of trailers and tailgates.

Our knowledgeable sales staff can help design what’s most suitable for your application!

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